Transcription Factor Gene Family

Plant growth, development and yield are influenced greatly by numerous biotic and abiotic stresses, such as drought, low or high temperature and soil salinization. A variety of genes are induced by these stresses. The products of these genes not only engender functional proteins to resist such stresses, but also to function as signal transduction factors in stress responses. Some research has shown that transcription factors play a vital role in the regulation of gene expression.

Here we developed transcription factors gene family searching tool, and identified 2826 transcription factor genes belonging to 57 gene families among carrot genome using a cut-off E-value e-5.


Transcription factor Pfam seed Gene Number Transcription factor Pfam seed Gene Number
ABI3-VP1 PF02362.16 266 AP2-EREBP PF00847.15 255
ARF PF06507.8 30 ARID PF01388.16 13
AS2 PF03195.9 70 AUX-IAA PF02309.11 82
BBR-BPC PF06217.7 7 BES1 PF05687.8 11
bHLH PF00010.21 147 bZIP PF00170.16 76
C2C2-CO-like PF06203.9 55 C2H2 PF00096.21 21
C3H PF00642.19 54 CAMTA PF03859.11 5
CPP PF03638.10 11 Dof PF02701.10 49
E2F-DP PF02319.15 11 EIL PF04873.8 11
FAR1 PF03101.10 78 FHA PF00498.21 14
GARP-ARR-B PF00072.19 87 GATA PF00320.22 33
GIF PF05030.7 3 GRAS PF03514.9 117
GRF PF06839.7 62 GeBP PF04504.9 16
HMG PF00505.14 20 HSF PF00447.12 35
JUMONJI PF02373.17 35 LFY PF01698.11 3
LIM PF00412.17 23 LSD PF06943.7 7
MADS PF00319.13 81 MBF1 PF08523.5 2
MYB PF00249.26 386 NAC PF01849.13 9
NF-X1 PF01422.12 2 NF-YA PF02045.10 14
NF-YB PF00808.18 59 Nin-like PF02042.10 23
PHD PF00628.24 116 PLATZ PF04640.9 17
PcG PF00856.23 51 S1Fa-like PF04689.8 2
SAP PF02037.22 15 SBP PF03110.9 24
SRS PF05142.7 14 TALE PF03789.8 12
TAZ PF02135.11 14 TCP PF03634.8 55
Trihelix PF13837.1 39 Tub PF01167.13 18
WRKY PF03106.10 105 Whirly PF08536.6 4
YABBY PF04690.8 14 ZF-HD PF04770.7 22
ZIM PF06200.9 21      


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